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Totally Together

Getting Ready for Easter

April 15, 2011 by  

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Easter is coming, and the bunny’s getting fat.

or something along those lines…

It looks like we’ll have a full house this year, and I couldn’t be happier. Adam and I really enjoy having everybody over to our house, rather than having to hop (HA! HOP! so didn’t plan that) around from house to house to ensure we see all of the relatives.

We’ve usually got the cooking stuff squared away, but in the last day or two we do need to kick it up a notch around the house in order to feel relaxed and comfortable when guests arrive. The good news is that our family is a team, and nothing fully rests upon any one person (like me. :-) ) If you find that you are feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath and remember that your family loves you no matter what, and they are not judging you for the layer of dust clinging for it’s life from the ceiling fan blade.

really. they aren’t.

but in the mean time, press pause, climb on the table with a box of baby wipes (or clorox wipes) and clean that puppy off before someone inadvertantly flips the switch and you’ve got dust bunnies (HA! again! but I felt that one coming on…) stuck to the deviled eggs.

Here are some past articles to help you out:

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Spring Cleaning for the Sane

How to Company Clean in 30 Minutes–or less!

if you’re on top of things, why don’t you cross a few things off of your Punch List this weekend. It’s amazing how a tiny bit of touch-up paint around the doorjams really brightens and freshens a room. If that’s not possible, IT’S OKAY. Use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and call it a day.

Your family is here to see you and the kids. It’s your house, your rules, your day.

life is good.

I‘ve got a new interview up with Michelle Stern, of What’s Cooking With Kids that you should totally check out. She went from being a Pampered Chef consultant to starting her own certified-green cooking school, wrote a cookbook, and visited the White House for the Chefs In Schools initiative! I’m giving away a copy of her new cookbook, The Whole Family Cookbook.

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One Response to “Getting Ready for Easter”

  1. dominique on April 15th, 2011 2:30 pm

    This is really helpful- I’m so comfortable in the kitchen but so uncomfortable entertaining! We rarely have company but when we do, I don’t know how to prepare for it and I hide in the kitchen! I hope you talk about casually entertaining a bit more, since you are comfortable with it. I’m sure I’m not the only reader who’d love your insights! Happy Easter!

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