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Totally Together

Patience is a Virtue

May 4, 2009 by · 18 Comments 

A hundred million years ago I ran preschool centers, and one of those centers was for homeless children at a live-in shelter. I was young at the time, but was fully cognitive of the impact daily interaction with a positive adult could have on the children in my care. During one of the circle time sessions I led, I passed around a very large abalone shell for the kids to look at and hold. The child farthest from the starting point wiggled and whined that he wanted his turn next. I remember holding out a finger and firmly saying “patience.” When questioned what the word meant, I simply responded “it’s a virtue.”

Throughout the rest of the time that this particular grouping of children was in my care, I often spoke out  “PATIENCE!” when the class was disruptive and the children chanted back, “IT’S A VIRTUE!” The kids had no idea what the words meant, but the act of repeating them in chorus was enough to break the train of activity and I could maneuver the class back on task.

I’ve tried to teach my own children this phrase, but I learned super-quick that it’s much easier to teach other people’s children than it is to teach your own. 😉

My first book, Totally Together: Simplify Your Busy Household, Day by Day, will not be my first book. It looks like the Slow Cooking book will actually be released first.  The publisher has decided to hold on to it a bit longer to redesign some things, and position it better for sale. I don’t know when it will actually come out, but it looks like it probably won’t be until March of 2010. I am terribly sorry that this has happened, and am dreadfully sorry for those of you who have already ordered the book. I assume Amazon will be in touch.

Thank you for your love, support, and patience. It means so very much. xoxo steph